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Episode #195 – The Regal Beagle On West Broadway


Signing Jay Beagle for 4 years most certainly ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.

Ryan, Geeta and P mac gather to wrap up the podcast season after one hell of a Free Agent Frenzy day. John Tavares is heading home to Toronto leaving Grandpa Lou, Long Island and the New York Islanders and their fanbase in the dust to play for his childhood team. What will happen to the Maple Leafs moving forward? Will a Kadri or a Nylander be traded out of Toronto for some defence?

They also discuss the very eventful day for the Vancouver Canucks. Stanley Cup champion and faceoff winner Jay Beagle signs long term, along with noted pest and agitator Antoine Roussel. Both bottom six depth players will be in Vancouver for the next four years. Did Jim Benning sign players for a far too long? Or are these the depth players needed to protect and insulate the young Canucks core with?

They also talk about Jack Johnson heading to Pittsburgh, the interesting pick ups in Chicago and one hell of a big Ryan O’Reilly trade.

Have a great summer everyone

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