Episode #194 – Dougie’s Night At The Museum


Dougie Hamilton likes museums. Can’t have a guy like that on your team!

Ryan, Dave and Geeta join you this week to discuss the fallout from the NHL Draft. From the Vancouver Canucks drafting Quinn Hughes and just how excited Jim Benning was to have the NCAA defenceman available at 7th overall.

They also discuss the big trade between the Calgary Flames and Carolina Hurricanes. Hanifin and Lindholm heading to Cow Town for Dougie Hamilton and Micheal Ferland, and local media is creating their own narratives as to why Dougie was traded after a career year scoring more goals than other defenceman in the NHL.

They talk about some big UFA signings across the NHL this week. From John Carlson in Washington, ILYA KOVALCHUK in Los Angeles!? What will the grizzled vet fresh off a five year stint in the KHL offer the Kings, who are starting to look like they don’t have a plan.

They also answer some great Twitter questions, talk about a successful Shitty Beatles softball game and some awful service prior to the podcast in Yaletown.

Listen to this week’s 5 Minutes for Paying for our $5+ Patreon backers. The gang discusses the first time they went to a real high school party… with booze and what not!

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