Episode #193 – Canadien Tire Fire Centre


It’s beautiful in Vancouver. We’ve moved outdoors to podcast as we enter the limbo between the Stanley Cup and the NHL Draft and surprise surprise, the Montreal Canadiens made a questionable trade again!

Geeta, Dave and Ryan join you this week from the palatial estate’s balcony and start the show right off the bat talking about the Max Domi/Alex Galchenyuk trade. What were the Montreal Canadiens looking for exactly? Why let a 30 goal scorer (at one time or another) go for a guy that scored nine goals last year, and four of them were empty netters.

They also ask the tough question: Is Carey Price wasting his prime years in Montreal? Would the media and hockey fans scoff at him if he requested a trade? Or would he be applauded for the chance to play for a contender?

They also discuss the Karlsson/Hoffman peace bond in Ottawa. After some absolutely awful, disgusting cyberbullying, allegations have been made towards Hoffman’s partner. Will Mike Hoffman be dealt? Will Erik Karlsson? What do they need to do to figure out how to properly run a hockey team in Ottawa?

They also talk about the Vancouver Canucks. Nikita Tryamkin’s positive words regarding the chance of a comeback and much more!


Listen to this week’s 5 Minutes for Paying for our $5+ Patreon backers. This week: Ryan Attends a Woodland Orgy.

And with that $5 pledge, you also get instant access to last week’s bonus show!


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