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Episode #166 Unsolved Mysteries In Edmonton Part 2


As the 2017/18 NHL season continues on, everyone’s starting to wonder about those Edmonton Oilers. What the heck happened to the team expected to ride Connor McDavid’s coattails to playoff success?

Dave, P Mac, Geeta & Ryan join you this week to discuss the evolution of Brock Boeser’s rookie season. His Calder Cup (hopeful) campaign and how the rest of the NHL is starting to take note. Can he maintain his goal scoring at an alarming rate, or will the NHL’s toughest defence crack down on him?

They also discuss the ongoing Gudbranson saga, the Vancouver Canucks’ defence and if there is a point in the season when the Canucks should stop focusing on development and worry about a playoff run?

The gang tries to figure out what is wrong with the Oilers. Our second installment of “Unsolved Mysteries in Edmonton” looks at how the team built around Connor McDavid, the problems they have faced this year and whether maybe last year’s success was the real mystery, and not their lack of success this year.


If you’re a $5 or more backer on Patreon, you can listen to “5 Minutes For Paying”. Geeta decorates her artificial Christmas tree while Ryan and P Mac discuss the holiday season, and some unusual gifts Ryan has purchased so far.


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Episode #165 – Helter Skelter In Montreal


The Arizona Coyotes are winning games, which is a positive for fans in the desert, but a negative for Montreal Canadiens fans, as the Habs suffer quite possibly one of the most embarrassing losses in recent memory.

A full bench gets together at Geeta’s palatial estate to discuss Brock Boeser’s impressive goal scoring abilities, his ascension to the Canucks true top line. But can Vancouver buck the trend of controversy with their young talented prospects? Can they lock down Boeser for a successful tenure with the Canucks? Or will he get run out of town like the Codys, the Ryans and the Pavels of the world?

The gang also discusses the serious mounting problems mounting in Montreal. Craig Button describes them as a fundamentally broken team, from top to bottom. What needs to be done in Montreal? Who needs to go, whether it’s being fired or traded, something has to change!

They also how it’s another week of Tampa Bay Lightning players leading the NHL in goals, points and goalie wins as they continue to dominate the league with a healthy Steven Stamkos leading the charge.

Finally, they discuss the rumours of Houston wanting an NHL team, the need for new arenas in Calgary and Ottawa and the staying power of the ageless wonder, Rogers Arena


If you’re a $5 or more backer on Patreon, you can listen to our November bonus episode. A really fun Q&A with the whole bench discussing who will play one another in the upcoming PON biopic.


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Episode #164 – Loui Eriksson’s Pucks on net


Loui Eriksson returns to the Vancouver Canucks as they slump their way through southern California. A full brand of hockey, perfect for people with sleep problems on a Saturday night.

Geeta, P Mac and Ryan join you this week to talk about the up and down Vancouver Canucks. From Loui Eriksson’s return to the line up and his guaranteed lineup spot with the Sedin Twins.

They also discuss the Erik Gudbranson conundrum currently facing Jim Benning. Do you trade him to a contender for prospects or picks? Or do you re-sign him to a potentially inflated overpaying contract. They also ask what will happen to Jim Benning. He’s in his final year in his contract as General Manager. Does he retain the role? Or try and keep him on in a lesser role, one with a more emphasis on scouting and drafting.

Vadim Shipachyov officially retires from the NHL as a career Vegas Golden Knight. They discuss his short controversial tenure with Vegas and what eventually brought him back to Russia. We put together a nice little musical montage of his NHL career highlights.

Finally, the gang discusses the slumping Edmonton Oilers and what they can do (or need to do) to turn it around to become the playoff contenders they last year.


If you’re a $5 or more backer on Patreon, you can continue listening to this episode on “5 Minutes For Paying” the gang discusses Geeta’s dull Tinder date prior to the podcast and shoot the breeze.


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Episode #163 …So They Finally Traded Duchene Huh?


It finally happened! Joe Sakic and a couple other teams finally worked out a deal to send Matt Duchene out of Colorado. Who won the trade? Just how good is Kyle Turris? All this and more on your favourite hockey podcast!

A full bench at Geeta’s palatial estate this week to discuss the Duchene trade. What it means for the Stanley Cup chances for both Nashville and Ottawa. Two teams that made runs deep in the playoffs and based on their new depth at centre, could make their way right back!

They also discuss the Vancouver Canucks’ top line. Brock Boeser, Bo Horvat and Sven Baertschi. The Killer B line. The B-Sharps. The 99 B-Line. Whatever you want to call them, they lit up the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins on Hockey Night in Canada and people are taking notice around the league!

They look at the Vegas Golden Knights’ dismal eastern road trip as the team comes back to reality. They also look at the awful goalie injury luck they’ve encountered all year and if they could make the playoffs with a healthy roster.

Finally, they discuss Kole Lind, the Vancouver Canucks’ second round pick who is turning heads, putting up points and really starting to make everyone ask exactly what Jim Benning was asking on Draft day, “How come nobody is taking Kole Lind?”


If you’re a $5 or more backer on Patreon, you can continue listening to this episode on “5 Minutes For Paying” Geeta discusses her Tinder match’s deep 10 year Google search on her and Ryan shares why he ended things with his latest Bumble date.


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