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The NEW Pucks on net T-shirt!

O7/14 – Stock update: We have no XL shirts left and less than five of each size (small, medium, large) GET DAT ORDER IN WHEN YO STILL CAN!

We really like putting out podcasts and we really like making t-shirts. Black t-shirts. The ones you wear under your jean jacket at the punk show or the ones you wear on a first date, to show her just how cool you really are. That’s why we’re very excited to announce we have a new shirt for sale.

Unlike the last time, we’re getting these printed locally in Vancouver at Bang On! (fantastic people by the way) to prevent unnecessary middle man fees and crazy shipping prices. We’re shipping these ourselves and want to get shirts around the world at a fair price that everyone can handle… twenty five bucks!

Live in Canada?
$29 ($4 shipping)

Live in USA/International?
$30 USD ($5 shipping)

Want to buy one?
PayPal or Email Money Transfers are the easiest way to do it.
Just send either or to

We have a limited first run of 50 t-shirts (sizes from Small to Extra Large)

The shirts are American Apparel – 2001 Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt. They’re great quality and a fairly regular fitting t-shirt. No slim fit light weight stuff here! Below is the size chart:

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.03.40 AM

All the best, and stay rad!

-Ryan, Geeta, Dave & P Mac


Episode #111 – It’s Whatcha Want!

Jared McCann gets traded for a giant defensive beast from Florida, just what the Canucks needed. Oh and the Stanley Cup Final is here!

Ryan, Geeta and Dave are with you this week to talk all about the Jared McCann for Erik Gudbrason trade, which saw three 2016 NHL Draft picks moved as well. They talk about the positives and the negatives of the trade, but all agree, Gudbrason was what the Canucks needed…big angry defence.

They also talk about the LA Kings taking the ‘C’ off of Downtown Dustin Brown, who their next captain will be and what their plan is for the American captain, who you know, won them two Stanley Cups as their captain. Will he get bought out? Traded? Or put up in the expansion draft?

They also look at the Tampa Bay Lightning, praise the tough love process by Yzerman and Cooper and figure out just what their two troubled centres will do or where they will go.

Finally, the gang gives their Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe predictions, talk about the Bachelor and even those lil scamps, the Toronto Raptors!

Oh, and a little snippet of Nautical Disaster by The Tragically Hip off the top. We’re thinking of you, Gord!


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Episode #110 – International Incident

Marc-Andre Fleury doesn’t get the job done for the Penguins and the Canadians win gold again at the World “Championships”. But nobody really cares.

IMG_2823Dave and Paul enjoying their fantastic post-podcast brunch at Distillery in Yaletown

Another full bench on Pucks on net! Geeta, Dave P Mac and Ryan get together on the stat holiday to talk about the Memorial Cup and P Mac’s anger and rage about his given team to root for, the Red Deer Rebels.

They talk about Team Canada’s very young roster at the IIHF World Championships and the impressive effort they put forth. The same can not be said for Finland in the final or Team USA through the entire tournament based on the roster they sent.

They look at Fleury and the Penguins tough game 5 overtime loss and what it will mean for the rest of the series? Are they done in the water or can Matt Murray win it for Shawn Michaels?

They ask the question if Yzerman could/would trade Drouin after having one hell of a playoffs and talk about the upcoming World Cup.

Finally, they talk about some love from the porn industry and make plans for next year’s World Championship


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Episode #109 – Banned in Tampa!

FINALLY! A full bench! First time in months! Just in time to talk about the Pittsburgh Penguins and their mission from god to win the Stanley Cup!

Ryan, Dave, Paul and Geeta join you this week to talk about the conference finals, whether Steven Stamkos will make an appearance for Tampa and just what he could bring to this already white hot Tampa team.

They also look at the controversial annual tradition of banning non-Lightning apparel in Tampa Bay and even moving fans out of prime seats based on their jersey or t-shirt. Is this right? Should the NHL intervene? Or can the Lightning do a much better spinning it?

They look at the Capitals, the team of destiny this year and their second round exit to Pittsburgh. What needs to be done in the offseason? anything?

Finally, they look at the NHL coaching firings, hirings and swaps and Ryan and Geeta share a couple hockey related Tinder stories all while the gang realizes that Edmonton and Colorado aren’t too far off…


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Conference Final Predictions


Western Conference Final
St. Louis Blues vs San Jose Sharks – Sharks in 6
Sharks will take it in six because Brian Elliott is wearing Cujo’s gear (which is banned from Stanley Cup Final Competition).
Eastern Conference Final
Pittsburgh Penguins vs Tampa Bay Lightning – Penguins in 5
Pens over the ‘Ning because something is clotting…er clogging up Tampa’s ability to score goals. Five games. Quick and dirty.


Western Conference Final
St. Louis Blues vs San Jose Sharks – Sharks in 7
The San Jose Sharks have clearly been in playoff mode for months. Those beards didn’t just sprout yesterday. This team has really gelled together and they will tame those baby faced Blues. Get ready for a real hairy series.
Eastern Conference Final
Pittsburgh Penguins vs Tampa Bay Lightning – Penguins in 6
#MVPhil … no other reason


Western Conference Final
St. Louis Blues vs San Jose Sharks – Sharks in 6
St Jose is way tougher than San Louis in this battle of patron saints.
Eastern Conference Final
Pittsburgh Penguins vs Tampa Bay Lightning – Penguins in 7
Pens will take it in seven because Crosby remembered what winning was like. Also no Fleury!


Western Conference Final
St. Louis Blues vs San Jose Sharks – Sharks in 6
Jumbo Joe and Patty Marleau need to win to salvage their careers. Nobody likes anbody on the Blues. Who the hell is Robby Fabbri anyways?!
Eastern Conference Final
Pittsburgh Penguins vs Tampa Bay Lightning – Penguins in 6
Pittsburgh will win because they’re a well oiled machine and ten minutes after the series is over, Stamkos will tell the press he’s not resigning in Tampa…

Episode #108 – A Hard Draft Lottery Day’s Night

LIVE..on tape…on location from the Vancouver Canucks Draft Lottery Party at Boston Pizza, Geeta and Ryan gear up for what could possibly be the biggest draft pick in Canucks’ history

In a cozy booth at the Stadium District Boston Pizza, they talk about the buzz in the air as Canucks fans jam pack the restaurant to see just where the Canucks will pick in June as well as the other 14 teams trying to get as high of a pick as possible.

They also talk about Jason Spezza and the Dallas Stars taking the early edge in the 2nd round of the playoffs, talk with long time/first time Cole about selling Canucks’ season tickets and what a first overall draft pick could do for business.

They look at an adorable cat scurry across the ice during the warm up in San Jose, talk about Sakic and Roy in Colorado, whether their jobs will ever be on the line there and Geeta gives her 2nd round Stanley Cup Playoffs predictions!

It’s a fun and loud podcast this week!


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