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Episode #103 – Kangaroo Court

The 2015/16 NHL regular season is winding down, the kids are getting called up and most Canadian hockey fans are gearing up for the draft lottery.

Dave, Geeta and Ryan are here this week to talk about problems in Ottawa and their plans for the summer. What the New York Rangers need to do this post season to win it all (being more handsome isn’t a problem).

They also touch on the Auston Matthews sweepstakes, the Canucks’ chances drafting the Scottsdale boy first overall and the possible stigma attached to the kid that refused to play in the Canadian Hockey League and figured the Swiss League was a better place to play.

They talk about the Chicago Blackhawks tinkering with their winning formula, Ty Ronning heading to his hometown team, Jonathan Drouin’s on going problems in Tampa Bay and the merits of kangaroo courts.

Finally, the gang discusses a personal concern and quandary proposed by the female voice of the podcast!

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Episode #102 – Ball Cap Cups & The Captainless Four

Who’s the captain of the New Jersey Devils? If you know this answer, you’re a better man than us!

Ryan, Geeta and Dave are with you this week to talk all about Coach Willie D’s doghouse, currently housing Belieber Jake Virtanen. There’s a plethora of fallout from the Canucks’ rookie’s late night out on the town with his teammates and the Biebs.

They also talk about the four teams in the NHL without captains and who will wear the ‘C’ next season. Dave tries to name as many Carolina Hurricanes as possible and they look back at famous backup goalies who’ve won Stanley Cups.

They also talk about the Canucks’ tank efforts the past week, their inability to score goals and Ryan Miller being one of the few bright spots as of late.


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Episode #101 – Jordan Schroeder’s Cat

The NHL season is winding down and for most teams in Canada, they’re just playing it out.


A rare two man booth this week as P Mac and Ryan sit down with you to talk all about the Vancouver Canucks. From a rough loss full of injuries galore to the Winnipeg Jets, the giant Russian Nikita Tryamkin that signed and landed with the team to the correct pronunciation of his name and the role he’ll have on the Canucks.

They also continue their Philadelphia Flyers discussion from last week, including a look at their rookie sensation, who’s name resembles a ghost and a bear!

They look back at P Mac’s play by play work form earlier in the day for a Bantam game on Shaw TV, Netflix choices and Ryan’s love of the Portland Winterhawks in another weekly instalment of “Get Ryan Back To Portland!”

Finally, the guys take questions from the listeners on twitter. From the Canucks’ tank to the inner workings of the podcast crew, this episode is all over the map!


Remember to hit up R&B Brewing at 54 East 4th ave in Vancouver for all your local craft beer needs!  They supplied us this week with a badass growler of their Vancouver Special IPA. She went down easy!



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Episode #100 – 100 Miles And Runnin’

We try and pronounce Tryamkin and try to figure out just who this Russian kid is!

Ryan, Dave, P Mac and a skyped in Geeta are here for the 100th (sorta) episode of Pucks on net to talk about that thing called hockey. I hear they do that once a week or so!

They discuss the Philadelphia Flyers and make an unusual comparison to a delicate ecosystem. They also talk about the unfortunate likelihood of the Vancouver Giants moving to Langley.

The upcoming Winnipeg Jets/Edmonton Oilers Heritage Classic is a theme throughout the podcast. Who will play for the alumni teams and how the whole event will be received.

The gang talks about the Canucks direction, where they will go next year and if they’ll sign a big hulking power forward for East Vancouver for big bucks. P Mac compares the potential of a Lucic signing to that of Mark Messier.  We also learn a lot about his fondness for Lays potato chips

Here’s to the first hundred!


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House of Pigs – Deadline 2016

“I’m going to go there and do my best and make the playoffs and win that Cup, so I can bring it down here to Edmonton — because that’s where my heart is.”

We make fun of Ryan Smyth blubbering like a baby during this press conference on a very regular basis on the podcast. But at the end of the day, this is exactly what you want from a player on your team. Somebody who loves his team through and through, doesn’t want to leave, but realizes he needs to do what is best them.

Ryan Smyth is probably the perfect example of the ideal team player. In 2007, he was dealt to the Islanders from the team he loved growing up. Tucking in his jersey like Wayne Gretzky and sporting his signature Jofa helmet whenever able to, it’s pretty obvious he didn’t want to play anywhere else. He wanted to be an Oiler, win a Cup as an Oiler and likely retire as an Oiler. But it didn’t happen that way. He was traded. Life went on. He bounced around the NHL in a migration pattern similar to Trevor Linden between stints with the Canucks before finally returning to Edmonton. It’s, in my eyes, the right thing to do if you love who you work for. Do what’s best for the organization.

Joe Thornton on the other hand…

It’s been widely speculated and reported that he might not like being a Shark just as much as he loves living in San Jose. Joe’s refused to waive his no traded clause multiple times over the years because, well, he likes that California lifestyle, which is fine. But you’re not doing what’s best for the team. In his time in San Jose, Joe’s heart, effort and desire have all been questioned. His lack of playoff production is a punch line on its own. It’s caused the Sharks to be in a weird state of limbo, 2nd round exits and removing the captaincy from both Jumbo Joe and Peppermint Patty Marleau. Unlike Ryan Smyth, Joe had a no trade clause and opted to use it. And unlike Ryan Smyth, he didn’t want what was best for the team.

Dan Hamhuis falls somewhere in the middle of these two players.

Did Dan Hamhuis do what was best for his team? Absolutely not. The claim is right now that he gave Canucks’ management two teams he would be willing to waive his NTC for, Chicago and Dallas, which really handcuffed Jim Benning. With Chicago’s salary cap hustle and smoke and mirrors, it’s almost impossible to think they could maneuver Hamhuis on the team without sending some money pit like Bryan Bickell back to Vancouver. And imagine if he was included in the trade? With the Blackhawks’ minimal picks and weak assets already, the fan outrage for the return of Dan Hamhuis would be much worse than it was yesterday.  Luckily the attention span of your average apathetic Vancouver Canucks fan is 3.5 hours. With an appropriately timed noon Pacific Time trade deadline, people were all too tired of raging by the end of the work day that Monday.

Dan Hamhuis was only going to go to Dallas. A deal was worked out. A deal fell through. We don’t know how or why it fell through, but it did. Could Benning have worked out a better deal with another Cup contender in the east or a dreaded California team? Oh it’s very likely. But he didn’t because Dan didn’t want to go.

He’s very vocal about his love for the Canucks and living in Vancouver. It seems to be a solid mix of the Thornton and Smyth situations. On one hand, Hamhuis really likes playing for the Canucks. After the deadline, he spoke about wanting to return to play here, mold young players and continue to be an asset to the team and it’s razor thin blue line. But on the other hand, he also REALLY likes Vancouver. Similar to Jumbo Joe, he just didn’t want to leave.

But this desire to stay put or only go to Dallas really wasn’t what was best for the Canucks, a team in that “shhh, don’t call it a rebuild” phase. They could have received a pick, a prospect or something along those lines for Dan’s services for a couple months. But it didn’t happen. One would argue that constantly mentioning his desires for an Antoine Vermette situation (win Stanley Cup as a rental, return to old team on July 1st) really weakened his value on the ice cold trade market. Did he do this intentionally, to keep himself in Vancouver?

Regardless, you can’t vilify Hamhuis. He loves the Canucks, loves Vancouver and wants to be here for the long haul. The same which cannot be said for Ryan Kesler, who is likely the most hated visiting player in Rogers Arena these days. We all dislike Ryan Kesler for not wanting to be a Canuck and not wanting to play in Vancouver, so how should we feel about Dan Hamhuis? He wants the exact opposite. We should admire and praise him for this.

But are we?

What’s more valuable to the average Canucks fan? A player who wants to stick with your club and win with your club? A player who, if he resigns in the summer, could be an incredibly valuable part of the defence core for the next few years? Or a second round Dallas pick?

Hmmm. 59th overall…



Episode #99 – The Truth Is Out There: Trade Deadline 2016 (emphasis on dead)

Wake me up, when the Deadline ends!

The 2016 NHL Trade Deadline was a boring snooze fest and nothing happened, and this didn’t upset anybody more than Vancouver Canucks fans.

Geeta, Dave, P Mac and Ryan join you this week to calm everyone down after an uneventful trade deadline in Vancouver. Radim Vrbata and and Dan Hamhuis remain Canucks and no deal at all was made by GM Jim Benning. But why not? Paul looks at a conspiracy theory and they look at what is in store for the Canucks in the final month of the regular season.

League wide, they look at the Maple Leafs’ gutting of the team, the Chicago Blackhawks bulking up to terrifying levels and whether or not that could affect their vibe and their chemistry. It’s happened before and could the pieces they added really have that much of an impact?

The gang runs down some of their ‘winners and losers’ from the deadline, who’s heading in the right direction and who’s struggling to stay afloat.


Finally, they present to you, Dougie Hamilton’s After Hours interview which may go down as one of the most awkward segments in television history.


And make sure you follow our friends over at Rabid Habs @RabidHabs as well as our good pals over at The Hockey Beat @thehockeybeat

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