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Episode #90 – Ryan Miller’s Disappointed Christmas

It’s the 3rd Annual Pucks on net Christmas Party podcast!

Theres wine, there’s nog, and there’s a whole lot of people in the Pucks on net studios ringing in the holidays! The whole gang is together with friends and family to talk about the Vancouver Canucks’ tough season and what it must be like for Ryan Miller night after night, looking like a disappointed father in net after every goal.

Geeta also poses the question whether Spezza is a hall of famer or if he ever could make it in, they also take a call from Ol Jim Rutherford to talk about the ongoing problems in Pittsburgh.

We hear about a friend of the show drinking from the Stanley Cup and Stanley Cup related etiquette, gambling on the Vancouver Canucks, Carey Price’s year of kindness and the EPIX Road To The Winter Classic!

We give out gifts to NHL’ers, NHL teams and their fan bases and just have a great time!

Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!

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Episode #89 – Given’r In The Pacific Division


We’re eating cake for Sergei Fedorov’s 46th taking to FUBAR’s Dean Murdoch on this week’s podcast.

Dave, Geeta and Ryan get together and talk about the crappy Pacific Division and the log jam that is forming with all the Western Canadian teams. They touch on Dan Hamhuis’ gruesome injury and what it means for the rest of the Canucks’ season.

FUBAR’s Deaner calls in to talk about writing for VICE Sports, his thoughts on the struggling Florida Panthers and NHL’ers given’r a bit too hard and having a bit too much fun.

The gang also talks about Jake Virtanen heading to the World Juniors, the firing of Mike Johnston in Pittsburgh and if they can salvage something in Steel Town. Will Crosby be traded? Do they need defence? What’s it going to take to turn the Penguins back into a contender.

Finally, they look at Pat Kane’s ongoing point streak (26 games at time of recording), if he can ever surpass Wayne Gretzky’s all time record and look ahead to the 3rd Annual Pucks on net Christmas Party!


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Episode #88 – Awful For Auston


This Canucks’ season is going sour fast, but is that a problem? With a weaker team in a strong Western Conference, would a poor finish be all that bad for the Canucks…with the exception of the fans watching of course!

Ryan, Dave and P Mac get together this week to touch on the serious troubles the Vancouver Canucks are having. Injuries, defensive breakdowns, little to no goal production and a serious problem with toughness, something Jim Benning overpaid for in the summer.  Is it just a bad stretch of hockey due to injuries and fatigue? Or are we seeing a problem that isn’t going away?

They also touch on the Chicago Blackhawks’ resurgence and their dominance after yet another cap dump. Is it their Stanley Cup to lose again? How are they able to stay so damn good year after year? It starts with Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Jon Toews and Patrick Kane, who the guys argue is the best player in the world right now.

The guys also look at the goalie pad vs net size debate. Is there a problem? Or is it just a talking point the media has come up with in a slow, stagnant NHL season? With McDavid’s rookie season on hold, Carey Price injured and Sidney Crosby having a lacklustre first half, all three of Sportsnet’s main talking points from last season are gone…so they made some new ones.


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