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Episode #63 – Runnin’ With The Spezza

DSC_5518The calm before the storm that is the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs is upon us.

Geeta, P Mac and Ryan get together this week to talk about the Vancouver Canucks’ final games in the regular season, the Montreal Canadiens struggles against Tampa Bay and the ongoing mystery of the St. Louis Blues.

Ryan and Geeta share their Saturday night of tracking down Jason Spezza, which turned into an entire Dallas Stars affair.

Paul shares his thoughts on the Vancouver Millionaires jerseys and the 100th anniversary of the Stanley Cup win. They also look into the Pucks on net mailbag, look at how the eastern conference can match up.


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Episode #62 – Exile On Pat Quinn Way


Carey Price keeps getting better, Tyler Toffoli walks away a free man and oh yeah, that Hamburglar keeps winning.

Geeta, Dave and Ryan get together this week to talk about the emotional Canucks win in Los Angeles and what they need to do to keep their playoff hopes alive. But the episode starts off with an unusual story about the popularity of pens in the WHL from a hotel in Kamloops

They look at Mario Tremblay’s DUI arrest and the interesting comments he made. They are still blown away by Carey Price’s improving stats especially after a big win against the Sharks.

They talk Andrew Hammond and whether, if this hot streak continues and they make the playoffs, if he could be considered for any awards.

Finally, Ryan rants about Canucks fans’ goal song complaints and brings up the tradition of cheesy and bad goal songs in this city and they look back at Pat Quinn night vs. the Flyers.

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Episode #61 – Crazy Zack, Angry Joe & The Hamburglar!

Religious undertones galore on this week’s podcast after Dave Cameron’s priest told him to start Andrew Hammond, the Hamburglar

Ryan, Geeta and Dave, freshly returned from Cuba get together to talk about the big Canucks/Maple Leafs game, Kassian being taken under the Sedin’s wing and the ongoing mystery of Jacob Markstrom, fresh off a shutout in his return to the AHL.

They also discuss the problems in San Jose, Andrew Hammond having god on his side and the ongoing shuffling in the AHL and now OHL.

They also look at goalies better than Eddie Lack (there aren’t too many), the hype around Carey Price right now and the Kelowna Rockets’ recent struggles


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Episode #60 – Can’t You Hear Kassian Knocking


(This beautiful Kassian could be your’s! Listen to the podcast and find out how!)

It’s the stretch drive! mid-march! Daylight Savings Time when every game is important!

Ryan, Geeta & P Mac gather to talk the Canucks. Following a generally Canucks-less podcast last week, they drive head first into the green blue and white.

Ronalds Kenins healthy scratching, Jacob Markstrom’s stuggles and the big character wins that come after terrible losses against weaker teams are all discussed.

They look at the influence of the goaltending coach, Nazem Kadri sleeping in, missing a team meeting and being healthy scratched because of it.

They play a new game Old Bolshevik or 2014 NHL draft pick as well as look at the top teams in the NHL and whether their standings reflect the quality of team!

And if you’re entering to win the Kassian jersey shirt, email us at


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Episode #59 – Tanking With Class @ The Deadline


The 2015 NHL Trade Deadline has come and gone and for the most part, everything has generally stayed the same!

P Mac and Ryan are joined by Stu Walters form TSN 1040 and the WHL on Shaw to talk about the slightly altered landscape that is the NHL following the deadline.

The Canadiens are stocking up with big bodies for a long playoff drive and the Canucks stayed fairly quiet.

They talk about the obvious tanking happening in Buffalo, Arizona going in the right direction and the recent goaltending problems in the Canucks/Blues game from Sunday night.


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