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Episode #48 – Snowed in Sabres & The Big Irishman

This week’s podcast starts off with a quick look at Pat Quinn narrated by Jim Robson.


Ryan, Geeta & Dave are live on tape at the Pacific Coliseum this week. This is the extended version of Pucks on net TV.

They discuss the 2014 Hockey Hall of Fame class, Ryan Kesler’s return to Vancouver and the chorus of boo’s that greeted him.

They look at the problems in Toronto and the snowed in Buffalo Sabres. Jack Johnson’s financial troubles and

Fun episode this week that is also airing on Shaw TV Vancouver and available on Youtube.


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Pucks on net TV

Pucks on net TV is airing all week long on Shaw TV, check those local listings!
But if you’re not a Shaw subscriber, you can watch PONTV in all its 1080p glory on youtube!

Pucks on net on Shaw TV Vancouver

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 12.13.59 PM

We’re excited to announce we will be shooting our next podcast live on location at the Pacific Coliseum, home of the WHL’s Vancouver Giants and former home of the Vancouver Canucks. We’ll be shooting it on Saturday, November 22nd and it will air immediately following the Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks game, of course on another channel, at 10pm. So tune into Shaw TV Vancouver (channel 4) and check it out!

We hope you can watch, and we always encourage you to interact with us on Twitter. Use the hashtag #PONTV when commenting on the show!

We’ll also be airing on Shaw TV Vancouver throughout the week as well. Below are all our air times:

Sunday, November 23rd – 10pm
Monday, November 24th – 6:30pm
Tuesday, November 25th -10pm
Wednesday, November 26th – 2pm
Thursday, November 27th – 8:30am
Friday, November 28th 6pm (leading into the WHL on Shaw)
Friday, November 28th – 10:30pm
Saturday, November 29th – 10pm

All times are listed in your on screen guide and local listings.


Episode #47 – Inglourious Jersey Throwin’ Basterds

Pucks on net on Shaw TV Vancouver – Sunday, Nov 23 @ 10PM!

Stop throwing jerseys on the ice, Leafs fans! Your team is a contender!

Ryan, Dave & Geeta get together to talk about this week in hockey and the continued rumors of a Las Vegas expansion.

Connor McDavid broke his hand, and NO, fighting should not be taken out of hockey. We just feel he should have bigger, knuckle dragging teammates fighting his battles for him!

They look at the similarities between Ryan Miller and Roberto Luongo’s first seasons with the Vancouver Canucks as well as the boring game people were forced to sit through vs. Arizona.

The compare Zack and Cody in the Hodgson/Kassian trade between Buffalo and Vancouver, the Maple Leafs fans throwing jerseys and the Habs getting things back on track and Geeta’s Friday night out!


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Episode #46 – Mountain Dew Sponsored Hockey Sweaters

Advertising on NHL uniforms? No Thanks

Renaming the NHL Awards? Dave’s okay with it, but Geeta and Ryan don’t share the same view on this week’s podcast.

They get together to talk about the big OHL tinder scandal and avoid at whatever possible to discuss the Canucks’ succes on the road. They don’t want to draw attention to it, and let them keep doing what they’re doing.

They also compare the attendance of the Florida Panthers compared to the QMJHL, discuss the Canucks’ plans for Bo Horvat, Carter Ashton’s big suspension, witness a hhideous injury on Monday Night Football and introduce a new segment:

Pucks on net Dump ‘N Bump.

Two weeks ago, they slagged The Oilers and they went on a tear.
Last week, they picked the Hurricanes to get it together, the ‘Canes went 5-0-1.

Who do the Pucks on netters pick to give them the old Dump N Bump to get them back on their winning ways? Hint: Everything is bigger in Texas!


*Correction note: Jake Marchment is Brad Marchment’s newphew not son.

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Episode #45 – Rule 48: Illegal Check to the Head

It’s early November and everyone is getting suspended or injured in the NHL right now. Everything’s on schedule.

Dave, P Mac & Ryan get together on a rainy Vancouver evening to discuss the Alex Burrows/ Andrew Ference suspensions and how they shouldn’t be the same lengths.

They look at the Canadiens struggles in Western Canada as well as the goons that could one day run the NHL Department of Player Safety.

Paul tells some recent stories from the bowels of Rogers Arena, from a positive upbeat Nashville Predators (and a talkative James Neal) to a heart broken Carolina Hurricanes club. Plus the boys discuss their upcoming television debuts!


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