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Episode #22 – Jim Robson & John Ashbridge Part 2

Eight hours after Team Canada defeated the Swedes 3-0 to win the gold medal, the gang gathers, sleep deprived and hung over from earlier in the morning. 

We chat about our night watching the game at a bar on Granville open late (but not serving alcohol) and the great atmosphere it was despite the 4am start.

It’s also part 2 of our interview with Jim Robson and John Ashbridge. In this episode, Jim talks about the old Chicago Stadium and the 1982 Canucks team, the New Westminster Bruins and the old Queen’s Park arena, one of the most colourful characters in Canucks history, Gary Smith and so much more!


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Episode #21 – Jim Robson & John Ashbridge Part 1


The long time voice of the Vancouver Canucks, Jim Robson and Vancouver Canucks and Giants public address announcer John Ashbridge join the podcast this week.  They sit down with Geeta, Sheila, Dave and Ryan to talk all about hockey in Vancouver over the years.


From the old Western Hockey League Vancouver Canucks, to the failed expansion draft bid in 1967 and the protests that followed from Vancouver hockey fans, Jim Robson tells it all without missing a beat.


Stories of streakers at the Pacific Coliseum during Hockey Night in Canada to Andre The Giant at the Penthouse looking to beat up Jim, the first half of this interview is fantastic!

Jim also talks about a memorable night when the Philadelphia Flyers hopped the glass at the Coliseum and took on some fans, as well as talks about the troubles they faced calling the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals from deep inside the balcony in Madison Square Garden surrounded by New York fans in blue shirts!

Part 2 of the interview comes next week!


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Episode #20 – Beer Leaguers & Hell Raisers

Live on tape from the Pacific Coliseum, the band is back together! Sheila, Dave and Ryan reform the three man podcast booth for the first time in over a month and shoot the breeze about hockey on the eve of the Olympic Break in the NHL.


The show starts off with a ringing endorsement from Vancouver Canucks and Vancouver Giants public address announcer John Ashbridge commemorating the twentieth episode of Pucks on net.


Topics covered this week include: The Olympic opening ceremonies, Marty St. Louis and Zedeno Chara’s tall man problems he’s currently facing in Sochi. We talk about the upcoming men’s hockey tournament and what we’re looking forward to in the next few weeks.

We touch on the Canucks’ troubles, Cory Perry and Ryan Getzlaf’s facetiming Dustin Penner and hockey equipment etiquette all while surrounded by a herd of beer league hockey players that had taken over the Coliseum hours before the Vancouver Giants. Vs, Edmonton Oil Kings  game that evening.


We went down and gave this beer leaguer a Pucks on net t-shirt. He came up and chatted with us briefly during the podcast. We think his name is Ben.

Fun and loose episode this week!


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Episode #19 – The Arizona Nordiques

Dave & Ryan are finally back together holding down the Pucks on net podcast this week! Joined by good friend of the show China Dave sits down with them on Superbowl Sunday to talk about the week in hockey.

Lots of banter around the Phoenix Coyotes becoming the Arizona Coyotes and the slow week around the Vancouver Canucks that was punctuated by a lot of former Manitoba Moose Vancouver Canucks players finally making their returns to Winnipeg.

P Mac in the Street skypes to talk about a rather quiet, bed ridden week on his part as well.

China Dave gives us the first installment of his series on playing beer league hockey in China. The innagural story involves a big showdown between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Montreal Canadiens in mainland China (he was playing the role of PK Subban).


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