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Episode #12 – The Inevitable NHL/NASCAR Outdoor Game Merger


We’ve got a full table inside the Mountain View Room  this week on Pucks on net. Ryan, Dave, Geeta and Jeff all sit down and chat about the week that was in the NHL.

With no set topic this week, Jeff tells about witnessing a heart attack during the lingerie half time show at the shark club during Monday Night Football, and the gang talks about the opposite directions the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks are headed.


We dive deep into the Comrie furniture empire that is The Brick and Geeta dishes some NHL Hollywood gossip!

Finally, Ryan tries to make some sense of the countless outdoor stadium games this year in the NHL. Is it a Winter Classic?  A Heritage Classic? A Stadium Series? How many games do the Rangers play as the road team? It’s all very confusing, it’s like discussing hybrid icing or the new NHL Playoff bracketing. Jeff also comes up with the perfect way to save NHL hockey in the sun belt!

A very fun and loose episode this week, our Seinfeld episode to say the least, it’s about nothing but everything all at the same time.


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Episode #11 – Hunter Shinkaruk & The Mystery Box

The gang is once again recording live from the Pacific Coliseum during a huge hockey weekend in Vancouver. Dave, Sheila and Ryan sit down and chat about what’s happening this week in the world of hockey and are joined by a very special guest.

One of the Vancouver Canucks 2013 1st round draft picks (24th) Hunter Shinkaruk chats with Ryan to start the show as he caught him outside the Medicine Hat Tigers dressing room before his big game against the Giants Friday night.   Hunter talks about the pressure and expectations playing in Vancouver that is in store for him. We also chat about Trevor Linden and dentistry.

The gang chats about the continuously struggling Edmonton Oilers, new brass in Buffalo and if Steven Stamkos is joining Team Canada this February at Sochi.


Ryan gives his first installment of ‘LIVE From the heartland’ in which he gives a quick run down of all the things happening with the team nobody cares about, the St. Louis Blues.

Later in the show, we have our first ‘Mystery Box’ segment in which everyone came to the show with a secret topic to talk about. Dave talks about Jim Balsillie ruining Blackberry AND almost ruining Canada’s chances of a new NHL team.  Ryan discusses the WHA restart in 2004 during the NHL lockout that fell absolutely flat and Sheila was unable to think about a topic, but discusses her ongoing love and appreciation for Big 44 Todd Bertuzzi.

All this and more on this week’s Pucks on net! Enjoy everybody

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Episode #10 – Team Canada at the ’98 Nagano Olympics

Once again, the gang is recording live on location from the Pacific Coliseum. Geeta, Dave and Ryan are discussing one of our nation’s biggest tragedies, Team Canada’s performance at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games.

Before we discuss Marc Crawford’s terrible shootout decisions, we chat about what’s happening in the NHL these days, the Carolina Hurricanes and their ‘Second Chances’ Program, what’s wrong in Philadelphia and Edmonton. Ilya Bryzgalav is set to be an Oiler and we discuss why this decision is absolutely horrible.

The gang also discusses which goalies are hall of fame bound, and agree Tim Thomas is not, despite having the 5th best selling jersey in the NHL these days.

Ryan shares an embarrassing coming of age tale about trading a Joe Sakic rookie card for a pencil box full of Sarah Michelle Gellar photos.

Then comes the Nagano Olympics. We break down the wrong decisions Bobby Clark made building that team. Starting from the coaching down.  He wound up building a slow lumbering team of role players, and took the spotlight off Wayne Gretzky and pointed it towards big #88 Eric Lindros.

Definitely a fun episode this week! Enjoy everybody

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Episode #9 – A Giant episode with John Ashbridge and Brett Kulak

Dave and Ryan are live on tape on location from the Pacific Coliseum in scenic East Van.  Home to the WHL’s Vancouver Giants and the old home of the Vancouver Canucks, we set up shop like a lemonade stand in the stands and chat with whoever comes by.


John Ashbridge, Giants and Canucks’ PA announcer joins us first. He chats with us about the Pavel Bure’s #10 being retired, his friendship with Gino Odjick and the unusual way Boston Bruins’ power forward Milan Lucic joined the Vancouver Giants’.

Later, we’re joined by Vancouver Giants d-man and Calgary Flames prospect Brett Kulak. He sits down for a loose conversation about wearing #69 on Don Hay’s hockey team, the NHL draft combine and what his first taste of pro hockey was like, last season playing a handful of games with the AHL’s Abbotsford Heat.

Finally, hip-hop artist and friend of the show Dan, aka Cuddle Puppy, joined us. We chat about high school hockey in Yellowknife, his hop influences and of course, Mike Modano! Cuddle Puppy performed the Giants rap song heard through out the podcast.

One of the biggest shows we’ve ever produced and easily the most fun.

Enjoy everybody!

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